“Kanal5 TV” online

TV Kanal 5 is a television station from Skopje, Macedonia, providing News and Entertainment shows, talk shows, sports coverage and entertainment TV series and movies.TV Kanal 5 it was founded in its current form in 1998. The network’s main office is in Skopje. Kanal 5 News is the stations news division. Kanal 5 most popular shows are: Hi Macedonia, Extra Exclusive, Meteo 5 ,Milenko Nedelkovski Show etc.

The network began broadcasting to the coverage area of Skopje with fifty employees before expanding reach to the rest of the country. Kanal 5 has publicly had a strong aim of being a part of every Macedonian household. Kanal 5 TV (Channel 5 TV) currently has an audience reach of 96% of the Macedonian population. However, its new “sister” channel Kanal 5 plus currently has an audience reach of 76% of the Macedonian population.

Kanal 5 News is the stations news division. The evening news bulletins are presented by Tatjana Stojanovska, Ljubica Janevska or Borislav Tnokovski. Morning & afternoon news bulletins are presented by Dragi Pavlevski or Biljana Debarlieva. The networks Chief News Editor is Lidija Bogatinova. Zevzekmania: Humor, satire, cynicism, fun, parody view of our beautiful Macedonia. Brazdi: From plowing to sowing, from planting to harvesting, from field to table we follow the agrarian. All novelties, expert advice, experiences and information related to agriculture.

website: www.kanal5.mk tel: +38923091551 Contact email: desk@kanal5.com.mk and info@kanal5.com.mk